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Engineering with objective logic, coupled with creative and divergent thinking.  

Our Mission

Left Hand Engineering leverages the technical depth of engineering and couples it with real world business decisions and creative, divergent thinking.
How to work withus

How to Work With Us

Left Hand Engineering

Engineering expertise on a contract basis leveraging a unique combination of objective logic and creative, divergent thinking.

Glass Factory 

A 5 step process to improve net profits by 30%, while prepping your company for the tech and personnel challenges of tomorrow.

Left Hand Learning

Teach your team to make decisions like you would.

Left Hand Leadership

Review your business' past performance to maximize future performance. 

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The Numbers


 Continued Education (CE) Presentations across 14 states  


Project design, fabrication, and installation  oversight


Projects designed to aid manufacturing processes 


Products brought from napkin sketch to customer bought solution

Our Engineering Philosophy

Left Hand Philosphy Fixed V2.png

Our Capabilities 

Whether it’s a technical gap or business gap, we have the skill set to approach problems from multiple angles and mindsets. 



"Working with Matt at Left Hand Engineering made work life easier, period. He is incredibly intelligent and is always keeping the customer in mind whether it comes to convenience of unpackaging on a job site or achieving customer expectations in all forms, sometimes in ways they aren’t even aware of."

Katelynn Fraher

 General Manager- Millennium Forms

Our Happy Clients 

Case Studies from Our Work

Veital Designs 


Project Management

Manufacturing & Fixture Design

Strategic Sourcing

New Product Development

And More..

Millennium Forms

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 3.18.21 PM.png

Doubled sales forecast from$5M to $10M in 2020 and 2021.

Oversaw $1.53M in project execution.

Conducted Rep Training to 9 separate reps groups (14 people).

And more...

Kwik Trip

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 3.26.26 PM.png

Project Management

Manufacturing & Fixture Design

Strategic Sourcing

New Product Development

And More..

Clean Cube

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 3.30.54 PM.png

New Product Development

Strategic Sourcing

User Feedback


And more.

Our Team

Fueled  by a love of entrepreneurship and a passion to grow small businesses, Matt saw an opportunity to start Left Hand Engineering. 


Let’s Work Together

Wauwatosa, Wisconsain


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