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Solving Problems With Chips and Salsa

In October 2023 we had the pleasure of presenting and tabling at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Trade Show (WIMTS). We took it as an opportunity to demonstrate that all business problems can be solved the Left Hand Engineering way - with your right brain (i.e. utilizing creative and divergent thinking).

What's With the Salsa?

We do things differently at Left Hand Engineering, even our tabling events. At Left Hand Engineering, we use creative and divergent thinking combined with technical depth of engineering to solve real world business challenges.

Trade shows can be so tiring, overwhelming and overstimulating. So we brainstormed how we can make our booth a restful place, where our customers and partners would want to come hang out with us over the three-day trade show.

Here's our mini-case study:

  • Problem: No one likes stopping at trade show booths. (Are we wrong?)

  • Goal: Design our booth under $600, to be a place that everyone wants to stop and hang out at.

  • Underlying assumption: If we don't like hanging out at our booth, why would you want to?

  • Proposed Solution: We like the outdoors, chips and salsa, and being with friends. Those are some of the qualities we aimed to integrate with our booth design.

  • Outcome: It worked! We spent a few hours brainstorming the approach, searching for affordable options, and we met our goal, under budget.

Why Is Salsa Relevant to Engineering and Business Solutions?

The Left Hand Engineering perspective applies to every aspect of business, but particularly to engineering problems. Here is a summary of our approach.

We hope to see you at the next trade show!

We encourage you to reach out if you are curious how the Left Hand Engineering approach can help you grow your business.

Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show

WIMTS is the industry-leading Midwest manufacturing trade show–from additive manufacturing to robotics, machining centers to welding, tooling and fabricating equipment and many more technologies in between.

Everyone in manufacturing must become more productive, that is, able to get more output with less input, especially less labor input.  This necessity influences every manufacturing enterprise, whether it is the forward-thinking job shop or the major corporation reacting nimbly to global markets.


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