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Profit loss can happen when your employees operate in silos. The way you break down silos is through educating how the actions in each department have a ripple effect throughout the company.

If your team doesn't understand or appreciate other departments they cannot build technical empathy. Educate your employees to build your company and prevent profit loss.

What brings you here today?

Meet the Instructors

Left Hand Learning team implements right brain approaches (creativity and emotional intelligence) to solve your most pressing technical problems. 

See What Our Clients are Saying

"Working with Matt made work life easier, period. He is incredibly intelligent and is always keeping the customer in mind whether it comes to convenience of unpackaging on a job site or achieving customer expectations in all forms, sometimes in ways they aren’t even aware of.  He brings a serious ‘get after it’ yet fun attitude to the table every day. The improvements and changes that he has made at Millennium made an immediate impact in our production, engineering, supply chain and sales areas."

Katelynn Fraher

General Manager- Millennium Forms

A Sampling of Learning

LHL Offerings.png
LHL Offerings.png
Packaging and Crating.png

Client Problem: Cash flow in winter months.

LHL Solution: Find batch incentives, financial planning

Freed up $255,000 for light cash flow in winter months.

Client Problem: Improper packaging and crating leading to profit loss.

LHL Solution: Education to prevent mistake. 

Cost savings $14,100. 

Client Problem: Incorrect material specified.

LHL Solution: Education for most accurate material for each application.

Cost savings: $24,000

Unlock your team's potential

Build an environment for employees to understand how and why each role in this company is critical.

Build business acumen of your employees
This destroys a silo mentality (“as soon as it is out of my department I don’t have to worry about it anymore”)

Improve cohesiveness and cross pollination of all departments working together.

Help employees understand the ripple effect of their actions
The way you start to break down silos is through education how the actions in their department have a ripple effect throughout the company. If they don’t understand or appreciate other departments they cannot build technical empathy.

Image by Centre for Ageing Better

Ready to Learn More?

Whether it’s an appreciation refresher for of co-workers and their job roles or laying the baseline for a change initiative, Left Hand Learning is critical to companies wanting to grow together, increase profitability today, and be sustainable for tomorrow.

We will be in touch shortly!

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