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Podcast Episode: Manufacturing Culture Podcast

Back in October we had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Mayer of Manufacturing Culture Podcast at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show. We spoke with Jim about Left Hand Engineering and our Glass Factory approach.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

Read the overview of the episode here.

Glass Factory is a 5-step process manufacturing companies can follow to improve net profits by 30%, while prepping your company for the tech and personnel challenges of tomorrow. These are the steps a manufacturer should take before automation, to ensure they are maximizing throughput with existing equipment and staff. Read more about Glass Factory here.

About Manufacturing Culture Podcast

The Manufacturing Culture Podcast is a thought-provoking platform that explores the intersection of manufacturing and corporate culture. With each episode, your host, industry authority Jim Mayer, unpacks modern manufacturers' challenges and opportunities.

Throughout his career, Jim has worked tirelessly to bridge the skills gap in manufacturing and advocate for forward-thinking strategies. His unique experiences have fostered a deep understanding of corporate culture, equipping him with the tools to diagnose and address the root causes of cultural and engagement issues.

Jim leverages his expertise on the Manufacturing Culture Podcast to deliver powerful conversations that resonate with industry professionals. He facilitates meaningful dialogues with guests, sharing diverse insights, trends, and recommendations that shape the manufacturing industry. The podcast aims to enlighten listeners and inspire new approaches to common industry issues, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment.

Check out Jim's podcast episodes on Spotify, or where ever you listen to your podcasts.


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